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Tim Burton (Virgin Film)
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Tim Burton (Virgin Film)

Mots clés: History criticism  Actors entertainers  Arts literature  Movie directors  Television performers  Direction production  Movies  Humor entertainment  Video  Individual directors  Performing arts 
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One of the most influential and resolutely maverick directors in modern Hollywood, Tim Burton has consistently demonstrated versatility without sacrificing the thematic and stylistic unity of his work. From his surprising career start as an animator at Disney to his diverse film projects—such as the striking Batman and Sleepy Hollow to the smaller, more personal Ed Wood—Burton has left a personal mark that identifies him as one of contemporary cinema's visionaries. Featuring a range of old and new interviews with key figures, contemporary criticism, and a look at Burton's forgotten piece, Luau, this authoritative guide is a crucial release for Burton fans and anyone interested in the creation of unorthodox mainstream cinema.

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